SEPARATE the Services offered from product listings

Level 2
One thing I despise about the other popular site is having to see all the lowlife dog walkers and self proclaimed anythingers every other listing. Between that and the adverts it's tiresome to just browse product listings.

I REALLY don't want to see any services in the listings w a pic that also looks like it might be a product for sale.

What I would like is a new category for SERVICES for people to post anything they offer to do, such as hauling, painting, mowing and the spamtastic "pet sitting or dog walking" crap.

I would prefer to elect to browse a SERVICES category in my settings or not to.

This way people can see only products or only services or both.

Otherwise OfferUp is just going the way of ***** and really isnt all that different. Oh and I don't want to see a thousand damned cars for sale from every person who sells cars,, just my 2 cents.
Level 1
Ill match that two cents. Solid idea .thankyou