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Are you someone who loves bikes and know a lot about them. Well if you are someone who also wants to make some extra money then offer up is the place to do it. We have been selling bike parts on OfferUp for a little over a year and it has been going well. The great thing about selling bikes on OfferUp is that you reach so many more people then you would on other platforms  The other thing amazing thing about selling on offerUp is that you can pay for ads. With spending the little amount of money you can make so much back. The bike parts that you should sell on offerup are parts for road and mountain. We have had great luck selling bike parts more than full bike. the other great thing about selling bike parts are is that you can have so much to sell with not a lot of room. We hope that this gave you the plan to start selling on offferup


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I'm selling a 70cc Baja road runner pit bike 2011 with title how would I sell it fast