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Hello so I'm an online reseller. I would be mostly into electronics. I would like to have more information regarding what items you carry and are available.

Thank you

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@Javyou Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Javyou just a heads up it’s against OfferUp Community forum guidelines posting personal information in the forum. When you get a chance check out the OfferUp Community guidelines below it will help you moving forward. 😎🇬🇧🔚

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Thank you!!
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I gather and save up scrap metal
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@edealznw yes I see people doing the same thing picking up scrap metal in my neighborhood when we have our bulk pick up every month. The guy told me he does really well selling it. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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I manufacture and sell hemp oil products.
I sell gym equipment on the side.
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I too dumpster dive, but only in my little gated community, which is also a retirement park. There are several dumpsters out here and from the first day I was here, I went to take the trash out and when I opened the dumpster I thought it wasn't trash because there was a brand new rug with the price tag still on it as well as a vacuum cleaner and we did not have one so i took it go the house and cleaned it up plugged it in and I'm still using the same vacuum. Best one I've ever had. I find something every single day and most of the time it goes on offer up and sells. I love dumpster diving and offer up
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If you come across a 1964 Chevy Nova with a 3 in the tree, talk to me.
Hey Elin i too enjoy restoring or repurposing furniture as well also custom wood working and i have a desk table that's antique -ish. It's pretty cool actually and a neighbor moving was throwing it out so i grabbed it and was going to do something uniquely different to it. However info not have the time that i would like in doing so and if it's something that you're interested in you can have it if you like so that you're able to profit from it or otherwise i was just going to throw it out back to where i saved it from, which really, i most certainly hate to have to do because it is definitely worth in restoring and will bring value if done for you and and something that will absolutely catch the eyes of many of think