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About 55 years ago I had a pair of pogo still sticks which I bartered for what ever it was at the time.  Later I started  back bartering

 And has a bunch of old watch and got $20,000 for them and that was the start of international  barter  corp. And since that time I have bartered millions of dollars worth of business.  At one time I built two buildings on barter.  Years ago purchased a million dollars  worth of pearls from japan. And have made $100,000 deals many times.   It's a hustle and I love every minute of it.because  of barter I have been able to open several other business Including cattle  breeding  and oil business.p





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My two sons purchased old furniture at an auction , repair the furniture  and sell it at the auction the following  week. Lots of fun

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I have done just about every thing in my life sold used , clothing, eggs,comic books, you name it I sold it.   Some time ago I told my wife that I was going to become and artist and she I s crazy as I am.  I had always done some art work and had given some away but never sold it.  I tried to sell it here in the u.s but did not have any success.  I am a meme of linkedin and I had sent a picture to a friend

 I dubai  and the first thing I knew some one wanted to buy some of my work and I sold $120,000 which is crazy.  Now I have some in new York who is selling my work.  

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I have started to get rid of all the junk that I have.

I come from a hoarder family...extended. I search out good items given away for free and I sell them. I love it. Im a hustler for sure when it comes to one mans trash being abothers treasure. I may not have what ur looking for but I bet ya I can find it.
Sounds super smart to me. We r one in the same. I run through the cities bulky trash pick up all spring and summer to stock items to sell all year long. We r the smart ones girl. The go getters!
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@SuperSalesWoman I mean, ya! Whatever works!!

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A small investment?

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Event tickets to whatever music events you are familiar with and know are hot and will sell out!

Don’t waste your time with hardcopies. Resell emailed/ pdf or transferable tickets only.

One of the easiest ways to Gain$ville.
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I do the same, usually come up on good items that I will clean up, mark up and post! There's always haters out there, but money is money!