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Hey Talk-To-Me, that's great that you're are wanting to start a boutique and I'd like to help if you'd like in offering some women clothing that i have had here packed up and put away for quite some time now, a couple of years to be specific and they were those from my past relationship who had decided in not wanting them at all anymore and to do what i wish with them. I've already let two lady friends take a couple of things and i really am wanting them out of my closet taking up space in the totes that they're in. I believe they're mostly shirts a few other things, jeans, jacket etc. These are all name brand as well and mostly new, a few things with the still on it. I do believe This includes: American eagle, Aeropostale, Ralph Lauren polo, Abercrombie, etc. I do be also a couple of great boutique items that will be great are a couple of things that are from Paris and also i have a dress here that is white House/Black Market with tags still attached along with a Michael kors shirt also with tag attached. So I would like to help you if you like in letting you have these items rather than sell myself or give them away to Goodwill or some other thrift store who will profit being that they're an non-profit organization 🤔 makes sense. So if you like you may have these things to help with your boutique.
Im a retired US Navy veteran, single, living alone in East Bako, Ca. I dumpster dive/ recycle bout 6 nights a week. Currently average 700 cash in recyclables and bout 500 in yard sales. Haven't had a hib in nearly 4 1/2 years!
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1. Find vacuums people throw out, take them apart and clean them real good. Parts such as hoses, accessories, handles, canisters, roller brush, belts, and wheels can be resold to repair businesses
or buyers looking to fix their own cleaning equipment. This was my first 'side hustle' when I moved to Memphis 11 years ago. Can be very profitable if you have the space, a truck, and common toolset.
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If she doesn't take them, I'll be more than happy to take them off your hands. My consignment store is opening next week in Modesto, CA. It is located on Yosemite blvd. I could use some more items to sell 😄
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Hi all my fellow offer up sellers...I aquired a massive amount of products in the last 6 months . From Household items to jewelry....most is vintage or antic and some newer....most is quality high end estate sale items from my estate sale contracts....i am overloaded and can only sell so much....I am in Stockton and looking for a few people who have the thrive mouthpiece and patience to post .....sell... And have an endless supply of high end products.I ask for 60% you make 40% on each item sold by you and there is no limit...I am also looking for thrift owners antic store and small store owners who need inventory at a cheap affordable price . I have 30ft lockers filled to the brim with all excellent merchandise. Ranging from 2k to 5k with 30 to 50k in inventory and you can look before purchasing....300 to 500 boxes ea locker and high end furniture and collectibles and supply is continuous and i am booked tilthe end of the year.......I need hard working people who will not steal...lie...cheat me...and rob will be your worst decision if you ever if you want extra income contact me and im located in or on here.
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I offer pressure washing of decks driveways walkways and patios, I specialize in open houses and house staging.

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My side hustle is real estate investing.

I'm interested @Reyquan47