Share your Side-Hustle Ideas!

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I do the same, usually come up on good items that I will clean up, mark up and post! There's always haters out there, but money is money!
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Investment? Details.
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My non-tangible items/services were not allowed on offer up.
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I look for dirty small engines(lawnmowers, power tools, chainsaws etc.) buy them cheap, if not free and make them shiny. Other than minor mechanical fixes its usually cosmetic. My main issue is I have a hard time letting them go.
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Painless Dent and Ding removal

On all vehicles and planes other items as well like musical
I give free estiments and I'm mobile.
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I have an online thrift store with new and used merchandise
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I Repair Guitars as a Service!
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I also have a resale shop online. I have collectables, memorabillia, electronics and much more.

You can also visit me at Catz Place Group on Facebook to view the items up for sale.

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If your interested in becoming an inline seller. I am a supplier of many products. From electronics to shoes. Just let me know what your looking for.
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Thank you for sharing. I love side husteling. And thank you offer up.