Share your Side-Hustle Ideas!

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My side hustle is buying storage units, reselling trading card game cards, reselling new comic book supplies and gaming products online.

My IT services keep busy most of the week. When I'm not busy working outside the home I'm busy building my online store front.
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Well, I sell lifetime Netflix accounts with warranty lol. I also sell steam keys for cheap lol. Brought me in a lot of $$$$ so far.
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I don't think that sounds even a little bad, it's just smart and would probably blow most people's minds how much you can find/make money on doing that, people throw away some of the coolest stuff in the disposable world we live in nowadays! Not to mention really the bottom line is as long as i come about my items in a legal manner and the customer gets what they wer expecting and what they paid for its really none of theur business where it came from, we don't go buy something from walmart and ask them where they got it from and why they're selling it, maximizing profit and minimizing expense is business 101 plus its as environmentally responsible as recycling (i call it upcycling lol). Ours is a capitalist economy and if someone has an issue with it they should do less trolling ....oops i mean shopping on offerup and more mucking/dumpster diving themselves lol! That way theyd have less to complain about anyway!
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I used to have side hustles like picking up curb alert items and keeping or selling them I found tons of great stuff that people out out for trash. I also used to make handmade magnetic bead bracelets and earings and sale them promoting the healing effect magnets have on our bodies. OfferUp was a huge side hustle that started when I was living and needed to get rid of furniture. My most recent side hustle is helping people with thier court documents, example: preparing divorces, custody papers, name changes, small claims, restraining orders, felony reductions and expungments, resumes, and property transfers and much more. I made this into my main hustle now and I have an office location near the courts. Hit me up if your interested in learning and working with me or if u need documents prepared right and at a great affordable rate.
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I just saw the light. I was walking down my peir and a guy was like hey you want this helmet? It was the cool harly ones. It would be if wear if I had a I hit the site, then said how much should I charge. So I got in line found the helmet added Hawaii (4 being in the middle of no where tax) 10 bucks in this case found one that was 20. I guy called by the next morning came and put 30 in my hand!!! BOOM. First thing I thought was I got 4 coolers. That when THE HUSTLER DA GOOD KIND was born.
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Hey @DIYPaulD

How is your side hustling going in the new year? I like what you said in your post. It reminded me of an old saying: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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Some hoarders have cool things. I’m sort of a hoarder of cool stuff that’s why I’m just joined this site to hopefully purge some of these items. That’s great you are helping your dad! Very cool!
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Selling cell phones
I made over $65000 last year just in buying and selling cell phones
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Hey @Jay32inorange, I like those numbers. Will you extend your cell phone service through offerup?

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@Jay32inorange Holy cow. Smiley Surprised