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I run a commercial cleaning company on the side. I currently have 11 buildings and 8 employees that work for me.
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Great helping out the economy with your side business... Way to go!

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@Jamie1978 Nice!

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@reyquan I’m interested
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Hey Brittany my name is Sara and I am looking for a wedding officiant in Hagerstown or close buy and you keep coming up in the search so if u can help me in any way please message thank you
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I would like to learn how to do what your doing? I live in Portland Oregon and have recently lost my job after 17 + years working for the same company only to get wrapped up in office politics. All I can say about that is be careful of who’s toes you step on today because they might be connected to the Ass you have to kiss tomorrow. My problem is I don’t like kissing ass, I feel that hard work and work ethics and history should speak for them self but calling the person directly above you out on his lies to the ownership group of the company is the wrong way to handle office politics even if I was in the right and defending my own reputation at the end of the day I’m in the unemployment line for the first time in my life and their still doing the job that I loved and put my everything in to help build. I’m turning 43 on Sunday and I have not been with out a job longer than a weekend since I was 14 years old! That is until this life changing event happened. Needless to say I need to make money to support my family and I don't want to put my trust into somebody else’s company ever again.
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There’s no shame in that bro
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I think side hustlw is agre saga t idea ive gotten into motorized bikes but found my self at timez bangin my h ead against the wall self teaching can be frustrating
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Hello @bones5150, How is the motorized bikes working for you?

I appreciate you sharing.

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