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I have driven for Uber and Postmates (good tips), sell on eBay, and also sell art on Fine Art America. Not ready to quit my day job, but maybe one day, lol.
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Bagchik I've gotten my mannequins off of here, just gotta be persistent on looking. Most of the time I've gotten them for 20.00 or less. I've gotten my photo lighting off of here too. Much better presentation and looks more proffesional. Especially on eBay. Good luck!
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Hi Bagchik, just replied to your post dont think it went thru : ( anyways I get my mannequins off of here with constant searching and got my lighting off of here. Looks great! specially on eBay sales. Surprisingly I take all my pics, post and do everything on here and eBay with my iPhone 6 Plus. Hope you get this and the tips help!
Hey Brother I'm glad to hear that you think that way... Do you keep your options open for other opportunities?
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Thank you for your tips, Im going to look into that!!!
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Glad you're getting some good tips in here @CMendez929!

My side hustle is helping people increase their credit scores, educating families on financial success and promoting work from home opportunity where it allows individuals to make a residual stream of income.
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HI @MelissaDoctor welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,wouldnt it increase their residual income if they just didnt have all that good credit to use and get themselves   into debt with?

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Move ur money around and invest in other things then a bank.
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@Justin-b welcome to the community! What do you invest in? Smiley Happy