Shipping Advice for recent Shipping Change to UPS

Level 3
I know a lot of Sellers are disappointed with the shipping carrier change from USPS to UPS. I know it has hurt my sales and almost turned me off to shipping through the app but I'd like to offer some suggestions and help to encourage you to continue your sales. For me my local UPS store is 20 minutes away which hinders me shipping my orders out the same or next day. So I have decided to dedicate only 1 day of my week to shipping which keeps my cost down on gas and time. I updated my listings to better communicate my shipping procedures. If I receive a purchase offer that is outside of the 3 days to ship, I just message the buyer to submit payment on XYZ day if they want my item. If sales that week are not good enough to warrant a trip to the UPS store then I just communicate that I won't be shipping orders out this week but check back next week. For me it's not about the quantity of sales but the profitability of what is sold. So that would be more of a personal choice for each Seller to decide if it's worth the effort to drive to their local UPS store or drop off box to complete the sale. The most important thing is communication with your buyer before, after and during the sale. I wish all Sellers the best and hope some of the ideas above keep your sales flowing. Would also love to hear some of your changes and suggestions that are helping your shipping sales.
Level 9
Appreciate your advice as I'm studying hard about pros & cons of shipping through O.U. It appears there are problems, expenses & scams that go on that tend to make me leary. Thanks for your strategic shipping timing info. @L11