Showing up on Google search!

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I didn't know until a buyer on another site asked why I was selling cheaper on offerup, I had to explain the difference in fees and shipping prices. Then I looked for a few of my items. There is a delay I think, my latest post today doesn't show
I've noticed I've had 100s of views and I was wondering where they all came from. Yes, I'm sure it takes a little bit of time for the search engine to pick things up!! This is such a huge plus for selling with Offerup!! Also I noticed it's a good thing to add as many pictures as possible because almost every picture for a single item is showing up in the image search!
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All I need to do is give a exact description of the item and Google should pick it up?
@Jezbelle8888 it has alot to do with title and description. Think of your item and if you had to search for it on Google what words you would use to find that item. Use those "keywords" into your title and description.
Like if you had a plant you're selling. The title could be Large Purple (name of the plant) in (whatever container).
Then in your description write the details with the size, the condition, color of plant, name of the plant, details of the pottery and any other details you think of that someone would search for
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But how many of those “Views” are actual buyers? Here’s a tip! When you look at your “Items Performance” it will give you the actual number of Buyers viewing it! I’ve have items show that there could be a 100 views, but out of that 100, maybe 70 are actual buyers! I wish OfferUp would allow us to see who is viewing the item, so we can decide whom to deal with. Just saying
Might be a change in the search but I don't see anything showing up.
@Samantha3 the search is resulting in sales from people who are new Offerup buyers. I'm not understanding how we could see who is looking, you can see what area of the country and what devise is being used but like Etsy or any other site that offers that's information you're going to have to pay a fee for that information because it requires more extensive programming.
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How can I to do that?
@Sjsr use good full titles and descriptions so the search engine pick a up your listings. Offerup can do this with their search engine optimization but it all depends on how their system is set up. Lately mine haven't been showing up for Offeeup