Showing up on Google search!

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Several of my items are showing up in Google's search results (yay!) but I'm noticing some issues:

1) one of the items showing up in the search is an item I've unlisted, so inquiries about that are a waste of the buyer's time as well as mine. Is there any way to actually delete postings that are no longer for sale instead of just archiving them? (and will images linger forever on Google regardless) ?

2) one of my images for an item I'm still selling is showing up in the search (yay!) but the accompanying description is for a completely unrelated item I have listed on Offer Up. (On OU, the listings and the corresponding images are correct - I checked.) Is there a way to fix this mix-up so any viewers who find my listing via Google search don't get confused or determine I'm a careless seller?

Thanks for any help/advice!
@Rainfall7 Unfortunately that archived item is still going to show up untill you update it, mark it sold or its deleted (we unfortunately can't do that). As far as the item mix up that's something that happens with Google sometimes and Offerup probably doesn't have a way to fixed that on Google's end but you can mark that item sold and just relist it again and it should work its self out but might take a little bit to show back up in search
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@BrightMoonstone Thanks for the information!

A quick question: when I mark an item sold in order to relist it (so the description on Google can fix itself) what happens to the people who saved it/contacted me about it? Are they directed to my repost (like other sites notify me when something I've "watched" is relisted)? Or is that connection lost and they'll just find out I've "sold" it and have to rediscover it again if they're still interested?

Thanks for helping me become a more informed OU user! Smiley Wink
@Rainfall7 its going to show up in the favorite/saved folders as item sold. If you have had communication with them you can still message them and tell them its relisted. I relist mine often and I don't worry to much about the people who have fave/saved and not made any communication about the item because I figure if they really wanted the item I would hear from them..
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@BrightMoonstone Thanks for the additional information. And the helpful perspective on browsers vs buyers. I appreciate it!
@Rainfall7 you're welcome! 💞
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So do I need to put # or just describing the item will do it? Sorry if this is a no brainier to most I'm rather new and computer illiterate. Thanks for your time and assistance! Carly

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If you're listing something that will be searched by the item number (Lego sets, for example) feel free to include it. But for most things, a great description will be enough. Google search seems pretty effective when you use words the buyers will use while searching.

Good luck!
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I'm brand new to this......How does one's item get on Google Search? Is there a section on Offer Up that explains this......? This is the first Ive heard of it.
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Noticed this too make sure to use keywords along with description. Don't write 2 or three sentences and you should be fine. Make a detailed descriptions etc. especially when it's dealing with electronics. Had one of my items reach 60-100 views under an hour (mostly from offerup search accounts for 2 thirds of those views)