Showing up on Google search!

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How does that happen
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@RevivalGypsy it appears if you share the item on Facebook or any other site and you are using a gmail address it is picked up on Google searches. It also explains why I am asked "is this still available?" Naturally it made me curious when I said yes would you like to purchase the item and hours later now have received no reply. I then searched and to my delight found the item available for almost 200% more than my selling price. 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Due to time constraints I do not always "research" every little thing. I merely want to clear the attic, closets, garage and drawers! Color me go to fast on those days. Smh 😋
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You can also use Google search for photos of an item and find your item and others for comparison. Works great!
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Bush OfferUp offered a service area for online marketers and what not whereas people who do marketing.
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Agreed! Wish we could see the offerup viewers who have viewed our items !
I’m so glad that i came across this. Even if i feel like my item is self described, i should be more thorough on my posts to increase my traffic. ❤️
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Found google photos with google lens makes research so fast it is scary sometimesWoman Wink

All I have to do is give detailed titles and discriptons to show up on Google
@GnosisUrbanus when I wrote this back in the day my items were showing up in the images on Google but I haven't seen them showing up anymore.
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@BrightMoonstone nice catch! We're in talks with Google right now regarding this, so items should be visible again in the future. I think it had something to do with Google wanting to showcase items that offer a buy now feature, but I'm not positive. I do know that our teams are working hard to get this back!