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My name is Bennett Nunziato and just a couple months ago, I started my business, Apella.

I started with a very small, first order from my supplier. OfferUp allowed me the opportunity to connect with local buyers, while limiting the risk in overhead capital required for launching a start up. Since having done so, I have expanded into other channels, similar apps, auction sites, local markets, and fairs.

I would highly suggest using this app if you find yourself in a similar situation. Far too many times in the past I procrastinated and held back on a business venture because of my fear of the risk. If that sounds like you and you have a product you believe in, Take the chance and give it a shot.

When you do, be prepared to invest some time. Do your research, take your pictures, write up your product details, and wait for the hits. When they come, answer quickly, and honestly. Be truthful and be professional.

You will be surprised how great of an opportunity lies before you.
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Great advice Bennett! Smiley Happy

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@Apella This is amazing, Bennett. Congrats on taking the leap to start your own business - that is huge! So happy to hear that OfferUp has been successful for you.


Best of luck with your new career! Smiley Very Happy

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Hi @Apella your so right!, I’ve been selling on OfferUp for 4 years and found it to be a fantastic place to start a small business and you are your own boss.👍
Thanks for the advice and good luck
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Thanks for sharing your success
@appella great tips for small business owners. Although I'm actively using most I just started so it's nice hearing from others and seeing the topic discussion with all the feedback and tips from you and others in the comments. Really loving the app. And community within it curious what other platforms people are using I'm currently on the regular social media but was thinking of checking into some some other low budget/no budget places to advertise and sell products. Hope you see continued success, Any feedback is appreciative.
Thanks Again
Gary The Pool Dr.
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That is great advise. I've been looking for venues to sell my merchandise. Someone suggested OfferUp. 2018 here I go! 

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Hey @Apella I'm dyiiiing for an update! Has OfferUp continued to be a helpful tool for your business? Smiley Happy

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Today's the day to welcome you back to the Community Forums @Apella. Lot's of current small biz talk going on that you should be a part of.


Come back and share more of your opinions, ideas and experiences. Help us grow the community!