Trade Offer Idea!!!!

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Offer up should make it available to trade your products for something that someone is offering for the same price value. So, I have a pair of shoes offering 20.00 and someone is selling a watch for 20.00 ( you each like each other's item). It should be a button to say" want to trade?"
Sometimes you don't always want to sell the item your giving up, you just have no use for it. Trade it and each of you are happy 😊 Well at least until you see the trade back up for Offer 🤦‍♂️
What do you think? Feed back please
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@ReMonique39 Interesting idea! I'd love to hear what other members think.


Has anyone ever thought of trading items instead of cash as well?

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I've done two trades so far. Both we're buyers wanting something I was selling but was low on cash. So they each asked if there was something on the page I would like. It worked out good.
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Me too, one buyer gave a me a lowball offer, but I saw something I like on his page and it was about the same value, we ended up doing a straight up trade. But I think the chats are enough to facilitate this. As for reviews we both just mark each items as sold. It’s pretty much just like any other sale or purchase, just on both sides, IMO. Unless you have a lot of posts then I do see how you might want to send the post of the item you’d like to offer as trade directly cuz some people may be open to trade but too lazy to look up the other persons item.
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Hi @ReMonique39 welcome to the forum 😊
Yes I think most of us members have had this opportunity to trade, I’ve had good experiences and bad. it just depends on the deal the person comes up with, maybe OfferUp will to a trade category?
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I'm very new to this, so I'm probably failing miserably. 😕😄 I was actually trying to figure out how to trade or trade with a little cash, I don't know. I'm so confused. But I absolutely think the trade option is perfect. Doesn't the advertisement for offer up say "buy, sell, trade"?
I was thinking the same thing!!. Forms of payment: cash, PayPal, barter. I use the barter system as much as possible.
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This is actually a brilliant idea to be honest.

Here, where I live in the heart of Honolulu, is a struggle for many in the islands. & trading I believe would make it so much easier & make a lot of people more happier. Especially the fact that if your low on cash there's an option to trading items instead! 🖒🖒
Yes. I agree I'm always willing to consider barter for goods or services. The issue just finding the folks that have goods and service I need that also need my service. But regardless I love being able to offer it as another form of payment especially when its good people on a budget, or someone in a financial bind. I've been there and like helping when I can. I just don't like when someone's trying to take advantage or treat me like I'm providing substandard services because I'm not with the big box stores I know my value and come with 17 seasons experience and industry knowledge, so when some one comes at 1/4 the market value or trade in broken equipment it can be insulting. On the flip side of that I as long as there not rude and within reason I'm very flexible. Great point that's always worth discussing.
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Or better yet when some one is posting an item for sale they can decide on an option if the seller is willing to trade for something of equal valve or more , or no trades welcome cash only . Then OfferUp can add a category for items that are trade welcome . So that way the question is already answered when looking at an item