USPS 1-3 day Priority Mail Service

Seller wants to ship USPS priority ,1 to 3 day live plants but it appears OfferUp only ships first class. Can i arrainge my own shipping label? Or will OfferUp offer me a usps 1-3 day Priority shipping label? OfferUp seems to offier little choices for the seller who wants to do the right thing. It appears as if the blanket approach shipping options are created by folks who don't shop through postal services.
@SeriousorFocas no you can not create you own personal labels but the first 5.00 option is for First Class Mail and the other option sizes are for Priority Mail.
Community Manager

@BrightMoonstone is correct, but you definitely bring up a good point @SeriousorFocas! This is feedback I can provide to our shipping team!

Thank you! Shippin plants is so different from shipping shirts and tools.
I appreciate you attention and understanding .
@SeriousorFocas I agree it is so different and now that winter is coming its super important for plants to get where they're going in good time.