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hello eveyone, with the new shipping feature i thought Id share some things to help people from being scammed and having fraud commited aginst them.


okay so now I have some tips to help.


the most common method people use the scam is this,

DNA, AKA did not arrive. they will say the package did not arrive, this should promt offerup to start a investiagation with the shipping carrier and really there is nothing that can be done unless the deliver person sees the person with said item psyicaly in thier hands. im most cases they do this to big compays and the compay will just refund them money or send them a new item  . im not sure how offer up will deal with it but since shipping is a new feature im guessing at first they will make you give a refund to the buyer. untill they figure out it is being abused for fraud and crack down on it.


the next is called boxing

they will say they reviced the package but it had an issue, like it was defective or the wrong item and they want to return it or get a refund. if the company is nice they will just send a new one no questions asked but most of the time they will tell you to ship it back and I assume offerup will do the same. to get out of this they say like oh i threw it away but since you are a seller and not a retailer or compnay im not sure what offerup will do propaby be like too bad so sad. but to get around it this is what a scammer will do.

    they will fill a box with dry ice to match the weight of the package so the post office doenst think anything is funny. but the ice will slowly evaporate and since they break it in peices it will evaporate faster and by the you get the box it will be empty. you will tell offerup/scammer/post office the box was empty. so the post office will check the logs of the package and see it was the correct weight the only way the office will know it is a scam is if the package has a few stops and the weight every stop is lower and lower then the last time but most domestic stuff doenst go to more then 2 offices. so usally the scammer will get their money back becase they will say it was stolen in trasnt or that you lied and just took it out of the box and are trying to scam them. 




vidoe tape all packing/shipping/showing the product is not damaged and if applicable that is it functioning.


vidoe take you wrapping the item. putting it in the box, driving to the post office and shipping it, and make sure the package is IN FRAME THE WHOLE TIME SO THEY CANT SAY YOU SWITCHED OUT THE BOX. it may sould like a lot of work and a lot of files to keep stored but trust me once you get scammed you will wish you did this.


but remember to not edit or cut the video at all, it needs to be RAW even if its 30 minutes or an hour total, if its not raw they can easily claim where you cut the vidoe is where you swapped the package with a empty one. 



oh and another thing they do is called carding, its pretty much using a stolen CC to pay for stuff and in the end the owner of the card will call the bank for fraud and you will have to refund the money. in this case you cant do anything but take the L. 


if you have any other questions ort conerns feel free to ask me



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Welcome to the forums @sidlybop

Thanks for sharing in great detail. It is good to be aware of scamming activity.


You make shipping sound so dreadful. I have been shipping all my life and not once has this happened to me so, I will just take my chances.

I will not be participating in any of that preventative stuff because that causes me stress just reading about it. 


QQ: How do you know so much about scammers?

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Shipping an item is just asking for trouble. Deal locally.
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Why do you feel that way?



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lol @Shupat reading about having to video it caused me stress too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one thing i have been wondering about with shipping ,,,,,,,,,,,the whole canceling the purchase on the credit card,,,,,,,,,,how will offerup deal with that,,,,they will have already paid the seller ,,,they can not afford to take those loses,

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It sounds like a slippery slope!

OfferUp employee

@0317 @Shupat We have a blog post coming up soon explaining this in more detail, as well as many other Shipping blog posts that will hopefully help describe this in more detail. And remember, it is just another option! Not something anyone has to do if they don't want to Smiley Happy

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Thank you @sidlybop. How very informative and educational that was! Most appteciated. I have not sbipped yet, but if and when i do, i will review your post again and follow your advise. 😎
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I have been scammed so many times via ebay, and once scammer told me that websites esixt that are made to help peoiple scam so I follow those websites to stay up to date on what scammers do so I can not be scammed, I lost $5000 from a scam once and I never want that to happen again.

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scammers will go to grat lengths to scam, so sometimes you need to go though great lenghes to protect yourslef, its just the sad world we live in. scammers usally try to play victum and make the seller seem like the scammer, and if you are not a high reconizxed person the site you sell on usally goes with the buyer