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Hi @sidlybop, i never ever knew there were websites for scammers. My gosh, i have to get out more. That is unreal, wow. How does one find that website? Oh no, no, no, i dont want to learn how to scam. Dont get the wrong idea. I just want to be able to recognize a scam and stay up to date on how to handle it, just as you did. I bet others would be interested as well, hopefully not scammers among us. If you are not permitted to divulge that info in the forum, perhaps you could PM me? I give my ok to do that if you are ok with that, natch. Thanks. 😎
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I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they won’t accept payment through Offerup because they take too much of a % and that they want to use cash app or PayPal is this a scam and is there a way to be protected paying through anywhere else?
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Not protected with other forms of payment on offer up. They may sell elsewhere where those forms of payment Are protected, just not on OU.
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offer up is self destructing was good when it was meant

for local sales but now offer up lets out of town sellers post

their goods next to the local goods. I have seen ads for things

that were much lower priced than the local same items were

asking..the buyers low ball you feeling they can buy it cheaper

because of the ads they see.

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If you only want to be shown local posts, don't hit the shipping tab. If as a seller, you are concerned about pricing competition, well, that will always be the case, local or not. I would disagree that shipped items are lower priced as we incur a fee to ship. If items are being listed consistently lower elsewhere, maybe reevaluate your pricing. I for one, don't list cheap. My items are significantly lower than retail but I don't give away or accept low ball offers ever.
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I need help with a payment that offerup made without me having bought that item the Id is duplicated from another purchase
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Absolutely not,Seller Never Wins on Offerup it is deeper and Beyond from just having a Tracking Number Seller will always lose,there is no tools to defend sellers the system automatically will proceed to the request and it will not ask for any kind of prove from any party because there is no real people or departments handling cases it's a computarised system,it's an APP,you as a seller will always lose if you encounter yourself a Dishonest people or mostly called SCAMMERS.,

Yes you are right,I agreed we have to keep in mind that this is a Free APP and they need to make money,offerup does not care if you sell or not,they need us to fill up the stables so they can sell ads and marketing, the more people they have the more they sell,I have personally experienced that some Alerts and messages do not come through when buyers make offers or are trying to contact you about your item for sale,after months of having items that never got sold,finally I was contacted by several people through some other items telling meSmiley Sad I have been messaging you for months about your other items do you still have them? etc,it seems like offerup does not want you to sell your items,they just want you to post items and keep you there.,

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I don’t think it’s a scam. Sometimes sellers want to receive their full funds. I ask my buyers if the have PayPal before. If not then we work out a different option.