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Always verify items like gift cards if the pin # is scratched off they may have wrote it down somewhere then use it on line before you even seen it coming. Never except freind requests on facebook if you dont know them. They always end up being scammers and then hack in to your account. I know it's happened to me 2 times. Never again. Always verify cell phones or tablets or any electronic device to make sure it's not stolen or locked. Never give out user names or passwords to nobody. I can go on and on I've been scammed enough to where I'm ahead of there game now and see it coming. Be carefull there are way to many scammers out there and they are good at what they do. Do a reverse image look up on Google on them if you have a pic of them. I found out i was being scammed that way one time. Always report scams never except checks under no circumstances. If it sounds to good to be true it usuallyi is.Be safe and good luck.
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I had this happen where the person said the package didn't arrive and so I started an investigation with the post office to find out what happened. Then I started getting emails from "the Postmaster General" saying that I needed to send a $50 money order to get the package back but it was obviously a scam so I didn't do it. Now the person's profile is gone and all of our conversations are too.
I’ve been selling online since 2002 and I haven’t had any of these issues you mentioned. Yes there are scammers who will try to get free items or take your money but they’re very few and far between in my experience. It’s the cost of doing business whether it’s with a stranger across the country or face to face with someone who can pull a gun on you.