We Buy iPhones Was Profitable Until OfferUp Removed It

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So we buy iphones was a profitable venture.

CL allows it, FB allows it, LetGo allows it.


OfferUp doesn't. 



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Just because another platform is allowing it, doesn't mean everyone else should follow suit.

I assume the reason we buy phone ads are being taken down is because they are usually poorly cropped images of just cash or obnoxious lettering over a new gen phone.

Both of which are not allowed and are labeled spam.

It sorta falls under 'wanted ads' as well.

Another possibility is a user reported you as a possible scam.

My own thoughts on this.

It appears to be a complicated business.

While it is a user's responsibility to get familiar with common scams.

I've never heard anything good regarding this sort of thing.

Such as people getting robbed, swapped on, only accept non-refundable payment or being lowballed in person — essentially wasting time for both parties.

Maybe OfferUp believes it is high risk, new gen phones are 1g+ sometimes.

Get in contact with support, they may be able to give you a direct answer and hopefully a workaround, if say, you become TruYou and accept payment only through their escrow.


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Hi @Grafton welcome to the forum,,,,,,offerup is for selling tangible items,,,,,,,,,not for want ads,,,,,,,,,,the more want ads i see ,,,,,,the more i hope offerup never allows them,,,,,,,if you want to buy a phone on offerup,,,,,,,,,,,,,do like everyone esle look through the ads and purchase what you want.

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Hi there @Grafton

General advertisements, ISO posts, or "We buy X" posts are actually not permitted on OfferUp, as we do require posts to be of tangible items.

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But people are still posting them, spamming offerup even worse now.


Before when you guys never removed it, people would not spam. Just post and that's it.


Now people are spamming it worse.

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I think as a solution to this. You should allow we buy posts in small sizing. Anyone who posts in large annoying formats will be banned.

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Definitely great feedback that we can pass on, @GraftonSmiley Happy

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Please take a look at my account. On my other post about please read community guidelines.


Also, offerup should really take the we buy posts seriously, it's a big business on OfferUp and many people have switched to competitors because of it.

Or add “we buy” as a section within OfferUp that doesn’t show up on the “search everything” general search. A person would have to go looking for the section for it to be visited.