What do i do about obnoxius sellers

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That wont post in the right section? I went through the free section amd this dude has hu dreds of posts sayin not free make an offer. I tried to ask him about and he immediately threatened me and started a bunch of nonsense because i asked him to correct it because it does a disservice to those who are looking in the free section and wastes massive amounts of time.
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Report each listing as prohibited or wrong category
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Lol i would but i dont have time. Hes got literally hundreds of dumb items like HDMI cables and randon stuff posted in every category
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This seems to be a way of "price manipulating" for some users of the Free category. Being a frequent poster on the Free category, I have reported these prohibited posts numerous x's.That is pretty much all we can do as responsible users of the app. GLTU Ciao´ for now Smiley Happy
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I’ve reported a lot of them. If it’s in the free section then it’s free. @REMEMBRANCE  @richl1001  @RevivalGypsy   I see it all the time. It’s sad that people take advantage of other people. Do the right thing. I’m glad you guys do. 

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As prohibited is what I do, but it isn’t right that people post for sale items in the free section.