What’s the best way to sell up scale handmade items in a middle to lower class rural area?

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Just curious on some ideas where to sell my handmade furniture? I’m making furniture that has natural live edge slabs as the table tops and steel bases that’s welded solid! The wood gets hours of sanding, oiled, and then clear coated and the metal gets sanded, painted and clear coated also. After all those hours of work, buying the live edge wood( which is ridiculously high), buy the metal which steel prices have doubled since last year due to economy..... but everyone around says the furniture is out of their price range?
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I’d try selling it on Etsy.
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Start a website, promote the crud out of yourself on LOCAL social media platforms. High end items take time to sell even one, you may find the right buyer, but I wouldn't start investing in several pieces. Do two or three, then commission them. You can post the products you have with a custom order notice. I've done furniture and absolutely loved it, sadly the work and materials often yield little return.