Why r contractor services posts allowed? Using ratings for buying/selling to trick people

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It amazes me that there are well over 1000 ads that offer services from roofing, tiling, painting, fencing, cleaning and everything you can image, and people offering jobs and people looking for jobs as well. Most of the daily users (me included) see the ratings (stars) after a person offering a 'service' and think that these stars are there because this member has a good standing and has performed a great 'service' /job in the past.

Most of us are (were in my case) unaware of the policy in which these services are prohibited, but the reason why we think that they are bona fide, it's because we see so many of these being advertized that we end up believing that offerup is also a plataform for services. 

Worse of all is that these contractors are using these ratings which are just for buying and selling to dupe so many of us. Other than reporting these people one by one, but yet seen not a lot of change what can we do for so many of us that have been duped? Black listing something that is prohibited does not work but perhaps having a BIG warning for people that the rating is only for purchases and sales, and not services, or like on ebay, in were we are able to see what for the positive or neg feedback is left,  consumers might think that these services are condone by offerup, we need a better report system and perhaps a warning to new users as to not to engage in items that are non-tangible goods. 

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I'm sure I've said it in the past, but they really need mods for each city. I really like the app, but spam / prohibited ads are definitely annoying.