Your nationwide sales might be slow due to no trust.

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I purchased what was listed as a new wii system just a few days ago. Soon receiving the item it had clearly been used and worn. I immediately opened a return request under the supposed protection claim. The response I got was no... with some bogus explanation that this is expected and normal for any item sent out.

Would you spend 270 dollars on a used wii system that you can get any where else for 50? Why would anyone use the nation wide option if there is no protection for buyers. I'm a seller as well but I cant see this working out for offer up. I just got ripped off. So if sales are slow in the future this might be why.
Level 1
If you know it is 50"anywhere"why would u choose to pay 270 to get it in mail?Especially if really that difference in price,That means game exchange,Stores close have some and usually carry some warranty if refurbished,most used will be ur choice seeing it work.even?I do.agree if they have a guarantee they should honor it both company and sellers /buyers.if u tell me it workd it best now,when u say new in open box...I will open it before i pay u,and if its in mail,that is none changed as if my money is tied up in contract...the only thing u may get is shipping when i get the tracking.And if the box is trash then its not only urs its ur shipping as to get it right back and pay me double what i just sent u,and payed same to send it right back the same path it came.People have scams more from unreachable places but they end up lookin over their shoulder cause u can find the path they took to get to u ,and use it to Let them know they in fact need worry for being got at becuase not everyone takes it as easy as U.They seem to think they know who they can and cant scam..I just had a loss by deceit in the means of a hijacked account at bay..dont know if I Can Name Company but Was Not Here in Offer up .I Have Mailed From Ebay, Have never from Offer up