⚠️ OfferUp is DISCRIMINATING against its user base...see enclosed. ⚠️

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Wrong again community manager loser. I keep replying to your passive aggressive posts to these good people with legitimate claims and I not 1 out of 3 sticks. It’s is not the algorithm that discriminates, it’s the actually employees.

If I can supply you my order number and you can find out why my sale was canceled 10 mins after sold along with why my nearly 100 inquires have not been responded to by offerup then share the answers with the community and this post then maybe it will get you some credibility. Right now you have none and just post like an angry has been who was fired from their telemarketing job.

Seriously, take my challenge and tell us all why they won’t respond and canceled my order without merit or warning. Otherwise anything you say is garbage. And I will check daily for your future post and call you out with the same challenge as here. You want to be offerup so bad, then help all of us believe in you.


There is no cause to make disparaging comments on this forum. We understand that you don't agree with @Mj_206 , but there is no need to make personal attacks. Post all you want, but keep it civil, as there are also minors that use this forum.


OfferUp is a small company that lacks general customer support, and is not obligated to answer your inquiries/accept your challenge. It's not like you pay an annual/membership fee or any kind for the use of the app. The app has over 40 million users and has to focus on a set of priorities. If you want to be heard, subscribed to the auto dealership program, as it even has a dedicated phone number that you can call for customer support.