⚠️ OfferUp is DISCRIMINATING against its user base...see enclosed. ⚠️

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This post was deleted from the forum...so forced to repost. There is no reason to delete this post as this post follows all the guidelines for this forum. Smiley Frustrated

Discrimination: "Treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing basedon the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individualmerit:

Treatment or consideration based on class or category, such as race or gender, rather than individual merit;partiality or prejudice.


I have been in touch w/OfferUp Support (via email, Twitter and trying here on this forum) on multiple occasions requesting specific information as to the policies and conditions that govern the requirement of phone validation.


OfferUp has ignored each request, providing obligatory non-responses that fall into the categories:

  • An explanation of why trust is important (no one questions the importance of trust)
  • Instructions on how to validate a phone number (not needed, I know how this done)
  • A statement reminding me that my account must be validated via phone (yep, this is the discrimination)
  • Links to privacy and/or terms-of-service which provide zero info on the inquiry.




I have had my OfferUp account since 2015, and actively using the account since 2017. It is not as though I am selling/buying much of anything....sell when I have something I no longer use, and purchase once in a while when there is something needed. That said, I have build a small yet solid reputation and want to keep the account.


OfferUp has flagged my account, insisting on phone validation with no explanation, justification or reason (and believe me, I have asked.)  At the moment this request remains in the camp of

discrimination because they are not treating all of the account holders the same - that is pretty plain and simple.


Now, if there are 'conditions' which arose requiring validation, they again have not shared and, again, this would fall into the discrimination because there are no categories by which all users (under these same very conditions) are being required to validate via phone.  As a matter of fact there are dozens upon dozens of accounts (not new accounts either) selling stolen goods…profiles selling high volume of iPhones for example…(with cloud locks, bad imii numbers etc.) - and they are NOT phone validated.


Without a transparent, clearly defined policy on the criteria by which account holders are REQUIRED to validate with a phone number, this is by all intensive purposes, discrimination… no gray space… clearly discrimination. 


Arbitrarily forcing one singled-out user to validate w/o providing the rules by which that determination has been made is discrimination. 


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Get over it. You’ll feel better. Sell in another forum.


There is a major fallacy in your argument. What is your basis for the allegation of discrimination against you? The algorithm does not care who/what you are, as it just detects undisclosed/risky behavior.


If you disagree, please complete this sentence:

"I am being discriminated because________________". The sentence has to have a CLEAR and DISTINCT identifying category/action in order to prove discrimination.


You just want to know WHICH UNKNOWN BEHAVIOR(S) will flag an account, which is why you are asking for transparency.  No company is going to disclose their anit-fraud security protocals since that would defeat its purpose.

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Appears my replies failed to post.. agin...

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Appears my replies failed to post.. again...

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Responded twice now, and all indications point to the responses as having been removed. @Mj_206 

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In no way, shape, or form does OfferUp discriminate. At all. Period.


In certain cases, posting specific items in certain locations may require additional verification. This is a safety measure, not a discriminatory measure. Coming to that conclusion is quite the leap.


The post was removed as there are several other threads about phone, email or TruYou verification prompts. In the future, please search the forums to see if there is an open thread already as creating additional topics and threads actually is against the forum guidelines.

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This is not a leap in any way. 

When the phrase posting specific items in certain locations may require additional verification" - I can tell you there is NOTHING about the item I have posted in my location whereby that requirement for OTP validation has been required or enforced with others. I KNOW others w/an account, selling the same things, and their accounts were never required for OTP...and these are not fresh accounts. 

This was a discretionary call. Other users w/the same criteria are NOT being required to validate w/OTP. That makes this case discrimination. Please provide a link to the rules and criteria that stipulate the conditions by which an account must be verified w/an OTP.  (for reference, that information does not existing in any of the accessible links for UP (not in the ToC, not in the privacy....no where we have been able to locate and not a single employee from support chat/twitter/forum have been able to provide.). 

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first post vanished.... here it is again...

I would like to believe what you are stating. Please point me to the rules and criteria for the requirement of OTP account validation. That will bring the topic to light.


OU is discirminating.
There are other accounts w/the same criteria, long standing, that have not been validated w/OTP. My account was signled out. 

There are no policies to show different. No rules, nothing. This was a discretionary decision.

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Wow. Your post, account - absolutely nothing singled you out. Actions preformed automatically triggered this requirement. You were not singled out.


We have automated measures in place that will prompt for further verification. For example, in areas with high crime, high dollar amount items may trigger this **AS A SAFETY MEASURE FOR THE COMMUNITY** it is not because we discriminate. We want our community to stay safe. 


If you are not happy with my answer, then I apologize, as nothing can be done once that is triggered. All of this frustration could have been resolved by a- confirming the identity or b- not automatically assuming this is discrimination. Your account doesn't have any pictures, no information about your personal background at all, so how could we discriminate against age, sx, race, class, religion or anything? The simple fact is that we can't. 


Please see our Privacy Policy

"Use of Information.

5. General Uses. OfferUp uses information about you for various purposes, including to:

5.4. Enable any identification programs we may institute and in which you elect or are required to participate (e.g. TruYou), such as verifying your identity and address, and conduct checks against various publicly available databases"


Lastly, @pixelrogue I am not on the support team. My assumption is that you are in a major metropolitan city, or are consistently selling high priced items. Again - these verifications are to in place to help keep our community safe.