2,000+ Sales/Followers Deleted

Level 1

Over the past year, I built my "follower" base to more than 2,200 and sold more than 2,000 items.  Last week, both counts were reset and my profile now shows only 63 sales and 70 followers (but still shows 685 ratings).


Have others experienced this issue?  Can the sales count and followers be restored?

Level 9
If you search the forum you will see that many of us are having this issue.
I am starting to wonder if its counting only our shipped items now. Does that correspond to the amount you have shipped here? Just a thought. It is frustrating
Level 3

have you heard anything or was anything corrected? I went from over 100 sales to zero. I complain to help, but only a message saying their looking into it. I don't see that many people raising issues that they can't go in and make the corrections per case.