A possible solution for Low Balling — Flakers and maybe everything in between.

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Since the moment I signed up to the forum, one thing keeps being brought up or revived by bumping old threads.

What to do about low ballers / flakers?

Bare with me, I'm going to sound like an old record player one last time.

Right now, it appears the consensus is that something needs to be done about it obviously — with varying degrees of punishment.

I can honestly relate, although I don't think banning people based on this is the best course of action.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the same level of ethics, personality and so on.

Whether it's implemented or not — lowballing / flaking will still occur — this is something very important to keep in mind.

These issues have also been a common thing among other similar services.


So, here's my idea(s) which I've mentioned in the past, but will give more solid info and some new mock ups this time around.

What I'm suggesting is a comment section under a profile as shown below.

(Note: Images may be blurry if you're on mobile — "request desktop site" or view via pc)


Comparison from current:

Extra — Message Etiquette:

Apart from the improved star rating system, this will provide buyers / sellers an insight into the type of person you'll possibly be doing business with.

Both positive and negative.

How will this be implemented in a way that deters trolls?

This will only be awarded to people in good standing as the image above states.

In essence, you get rewarded for using the app and being a good experienced user.

Let me know what you guys / ladies think.
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Thanks for your input. It encourages me to gain more insight and help in these matters. Thanks Terry