A precarious situation.

So I bought the video game red dead redemption 2 a week and a half ago. The individual selling the video game took 4 days to send it which is average. However the day after that the sale got cancelled. So I went on my way and tried buying a different copy. Then a couple of days later the game showed up from the sale that got cancelled. I opened up the package and the games second disc (required for download in order to even play the game) was not only dented severely by what seemed to be a pen gouge or a screwdriver, but also had three awfully large and deep scratches on the face side of the disc. So the download disc obviously would not work at all. Now if the game worked I would have had no problem working with the seller to get him his money. However he had cancelled the sale on me and had already received my refund. So when I went to contact OfferUp I didn't get any help as they kept confusing me as the seller and I couldn't submit a buyer protection claim because the transaction was voided. So the seller messaged me asking why he didn't get paid and I was very confused because he cancelled the sale on me. And when I told him that the disc he sent me was severely damaged and I was waiting on OfferUp to tell me how to go about it. So then he tells me "Whatever dude, thanks for wasting my time" This is the second time I've had an issue trying to purchase this game. Now as a customer I feel pretty confused and a little aggravated. The damage was clearly not from shipping as the packaging was satisfactory. Not to mention the damage to the disc was very clearly done by an individual. So even if he hadn't cancelled the sale I would have put in a buyer protection claim regardless. I don't understand why he would knowingly send me a broken product seeing as how I would have reported it as damaged anyways. In this situation he would not have gotten paid either way because of the disc being damaged. So I am baffled at his audacity to give me an attitude about "wasting his time" when I'm the customer just trying to buy a great game. If anything it's my time being wasted. Not only did I have to wait for my refund, but I also had trouble with another individual on OfferUp who was trying to sell me the game but lying about shipping it (another confusing situation as OfferUp wouldn't pay him unless I received it, and he cancelled the sale on me as well). So in the end I went to GameStop and bought the game at the high price of 59.99 with no problems at all. Lesson learned on my part for sure. It's just unfortunate seeing as how I really like this app. It's set up nicely and there are great deals on it. But the shipping policies and how it's set up can be a hassle in situations like this. So idk. . . Yeah. XD


You received a full refund and got to keep the game (yeah..I know it is not playable), and you have the audacity to file (what you thought was a valid buyer protection claim) a claim against the buyer and expected OfferUp to help you (when OfferUp did not make any money from the transaction)?

You admitting to all this...that is some entitlement.


From reading your other posts, it seems that OU cancelled the transaction due to the package not being scanned within the 3 day window.


In the end, the seller got screwed, as he should have received the broken game back, and you expected the seller to cooperate?

I meant to say I would have filed a buyer protection claim if it would have gone through without cancellation of the transaction. Since it was cancelled I had to go through customer support and email them. I am trying to avoid him getting screwed over even though he knowingly tried to have me buy a broken game. I don't mean to sound entitled and I gain nothing from keeping it. I would like to see a solution to this where I would t have to pay out of my own pocket to send a broken game back as that would really suck. But in the end what customer support recommends is what I'll do. I was just generally upset that he would say it was new and barely used and then when I went to buy it it was broken. That upset me. But your also right and I'm assuming OfferUp cancelled the transaction. If it would have gone through like I said THEN I would have had to do a buyer protection claim. I'm sorry if all of the post came out sounding entitled. I didn't mean it to come out like that. I am just an average guy trying to do the right thing. Not get over on anyone or anything like that. I just want everyone to come out happy and to play some **bleep** red dead.