Acc Banned without any reasons!

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Hello, my account has been blocked for no reason, many times I wrote to support no one answers ... it is irresponsibility!
this is not my first time, early did other accounts to resume useing services, they aslo was banned! Bannet on ip! on why? I wrote to support why? no response for a month!

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@andyprosd welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

andyprosd from what you’re saying, you had multiple accounts from your IP, on the same device., or the same account information on multiple devices., OfferUp doesn’t let people have multiple accounts on the same device., or devices. It will definitely get tagged and looked at very closely., I would recommend contacting OfferUp Customer care,
You can also contact OfferUp through Facebook or Twitter if this option is available to you.

I’ll also tag @Mj_206 Community manager so she’s aware of this conversation.
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Support isn't work believe me Smiley Very Happy I wrote them several times no answer Smiley Very Happy

they write to me that your request is being processed or has been closed!


Also first one acc was my first acc and they banned it without any reasons!

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@andyprosd Trust me I know for sure OfferUp doesn’t ban people for no reason., it’s usually members unknowingly not following the OfferUp guidelines, but it’s fixable unless people keep violating OfferUp guidelines., It’s all in the (Terms of Service), I understand members don’t bother read the TOS.,
trust me I totally get it it’s really long lol.,
but I have both OfferUp guidelines for selling app and Community forum, also TOS., that being said,
I would recommend private messaging @Mj_206 Community manager with this issue, or go on Facebook or Twitter giving OfferUp customer care the information I’ve told you,. they will look into your account and be able to help you.
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do you see Smiley Very Happy no answer Smiley Happy)) also i send to PM message...

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@andyprosd your first post explains why your accounts where band, ( multiple accounts probably flagged as spam ).
that being said, it’s fixable if you work it out with customer care.

I would highly recommend deleting multiple accounts on the same device or multiple devices with same account information, it’s will get flagged as spam.

andyprosd the problem maybe your using a new account again here in the forum,
and OfferUp seeing this account as just fine for now. and gets flagged later as spam, you will need to contact customer care and work this problem out with them, like I said before to get your original account fixed.

Did you try going through Facebook or Twitter?, please keep in mind this forum is very active also very active in PMs, so @Mj_206 probably think I’ve answered your question.
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Mj_206 can look into the issue when available.

Creating more accounts and sending in multiple support requests will not get your issue resolved more quickly.
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WOW thats crazy the same thing has happen to me all of a sudden my account is there but tis not there, I can logon and browse but thats it when i send a message no one gets them if i post something it never post... i have emailed offerup, messaged them on IG and twitter and no response it has been a week now and nothing... Did your account ever get fixed