Level 1

Hello Im hoping someone can help me out... I have an account on offerup for over 2 years and now its like its there but its not there.. I can login and see post but when I try to post something it look like it posts but it never show up, then I send messages and no one gets them, I sent my son a message on his account and he never got it. And all my previous post are not even listed. Messages I sent people in the past have gone they say its like I never messaged them, when I click on community fourms it just takes me to the web page of offer up so I can browse items. I even tried to delete offerup and create a new account and sent messages but as soon as I download it from the playstore on my phone and login its gets blocked, its like offerup knows the phone im using and my number or my google play account. But the weird thing is I still get alerts from Items I set alerts for. I have email socialcare@offerup and I have emailed support at offer up and ill get a reply saying thank you for contacting offer up someone will review your message and get back with you. The only reason im stressed out is because it took me a while to build up my ratings with people and im a TRUYOU Member. Im even scared to put my account email up here because im scared it will get flagged and will not get a response. So i created this account just so I can post this message.