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Salutations to all . I hope you are having a great weekend !

For Some reason starting yesterday I was receiving offers from all over the country and at 1st without knowing their location I would reply asked them when they wanted to meet, and then I would get a reply by saying meet me on so-and-so street which I would have never heard of. So now before I reply I look to see where they're located or I will ask if they don't have their location listed under their profile picture. To avoid several unessesary messages until someone realizes were no where near each other. One funny case someone offered on an item, asked what area of town i live in, I gave them cross streets, we agreed to a meet location at shell gas station on that intersection, after negotiating a meet I gave him my number because I missed a few text due to not receiving any notification sounds ( which a still haven't figured out) After a while I notice he is in Washington DC . Well I'm in Washington state so this meet isnt going to happen captain ! I didn't look at his profile before hand because he sounded so sure he know where I was talking about. So im gonna get a bit more clarity that were in the same state and town before negotiating a meeting place .

I like how there is a filter to filter out how far away wanna shop newest to oldest nearest to burgers and what not I'm wondering if there is a way to filter how far to add reaching down or what city you're ad is displayed . It's clear that ads cant reach nation wide, is there way to filter the location ?.

Thank you kindly
Andrew Collie
Community Helper
Hi @Colliemon sorry no not at this time, only thing you and the buyers can do is set the filters of your local areas, yes I get the same thing from time to time, I always try to check there location, I know it’s frustrating, maybe OfferUp will look into it and change it one day, on your no notification sounds your not getting, if you have an iPhone 📱 go to you setting look for the OfferUp app open it, under notifications badges, sounds, banners, open it , now you will see sounds set to on, it should be green when it’s on, hope this helps you 😊 one more thing never give out your phone number , because scammers are always trying to get your personal information from you, only message through OfferUp, also if you get the time, there are new tools OfferUp just added, if you go to get ( started page ), I have the information how to get use them and how to find them 👍