Advertise your own products

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Can I use this platform to advertise my products ? I wanted to make sure I’m not violating any code / regulation

@Elin  we have a legit question here Smiley Happy Welcome @Daniel1033 to OfferUp and the Forums what are your products?

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Hi @Daniel1033 Offerup is a place to sell your product, not a bulletin board to put up and ad and just walk away.

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Hi there!


OfferUp doesn't currently allow for advertisements in this way. For now, you're able to post physical and tangible items, but no ads, services, or anything mentioned on this list.

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Hey @Daniel1033 I see Mj_206 answered your question, I'm just
reaching out to see how your experience has been since you’re last post. I hope your still enjoying using OfferUp. I’d like to welcome you back to the community forums to share your experiences and ideas as well as your opinions. On what you have learned along the way also what can you share with other members here in the forum?😎🇬🇧🔚