All I want to do is pay!

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I have finalized an offer that is out of state. I have attempted to upload a payment option at least 1/2 a dozen times. Every time I get directed immediately to trueyou, I do the ID and selfie and then trueyou continues to say my pic was blurry/didn't work. I don't understand how such a large/popular site can have no customer support. I will never use the shipping feature of this app again(lesson learned). PLEASE CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO PAY!!??

Why can't it just link to your PayPal account? Or just work when you put other payment options in?

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The current payment processor is Stripe

They handle the payment via escrow.

OfferUp's FAQ says to avoid payment via Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp etc.

Perhaps Stripe doesn't like PayPal and that is why it is not advised and will not be covered under buyer protection.

If you have not done so already.

Uninstall, reinstall the app and reboot the device.

Although the issue states it is a blurry picture, a new update may have fixed some bugs.

Just rule that out.

I also remmeber some threads with tips and help regarding something similar give that a search.


The image has to be focused, clear, and legible. There is no live-chat or phone support because it is cost prohibitive. You can contact support here.


If you want to have an item shipped with the peace of mind of the "Buyer Protection" plan in place (just in case), you will have to complete the TruYou process, unless you and the buyer come to some type of other agreement outside of OU.  To clarify, I am not endoring this method, but you can use your own judgment


Offerup has decided to use Stripe as the payment processor, since it was most likely the cost efficient alternative to Paypal (until recently, was owned by eBay...a competitor to OU).  IMO, Adyen is the most versatile. payment processcor.

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Trueyou is the problem! I have applied now at least 10 times. The pictures are crystal clear. They have cut too many corners trying to be cheap in this app. If o can complete this transaction it will absolutely be my last here. Back to eBay, where when you pay you're done.