All or Nothing

Level 1

Anyone ever feel slightly irritated when a seller insists that you have to take everything in their listing? I made an offer for a coffee table only to be told that I also must take the sofa and the rug as well. Some of us don't have any room for a third sofa, lmfao. If it is so pressing to have those items lying around then why not donate to the local goodwill or salvation army?

Level 9
It seems whenever this happens the users in question are in despreate need of money and try to sell everything in one go or bundle random items because they are moving out. Which is fine, if the ad specifically states that. From my experience, the tactic of all or nothing backfires 10/10.. I loose interest fast.

If it's a set of some kind I'm usually more understanding and offer a bit more for the particular item I want.