Alot of views but no offers, or offers and no response

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This should be addressed in the offer up community forum. In all my descriptions I state that I want to associate myself and my profile with other serious offer up users only. It's hard to know who is legit because so many people use the app for other reasons or just contact you to do it. I've had to recently make a new profile just because the old one was being contacted by scammers and unserious customers. If you see my items on the home page please contact me only if you want to negotiate the price or make a purchase thank you.
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I sell a lot of items, or at least on my profile I have a lot of items, and I completely get you. I had to put Be in X area because I dont have a car of my own. I get a lot of views and a lot of people messaging me that dont want to drive that far, but want me to go to where they are located. It's ridiculous.
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Happened to me yesterday lol a couple years ago the app was muchuch slower and needed improvement but I sold alot more back then and encountered great people once it got updated multiple times and alot of new users started using it just hasn't been the same.