Always Repost!!

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Reposting makes a HUGE difference in sales! Sometimes I see sellers that have the same post for a few months to even a year! If only they would repost, their items would be gone within a week. Reposting gives you a fresh new audience and, at certain hours of the day, it gives you more traffic! So as a starter, I really suggest reposting everyday at around 4 p.m. If everyday is too tedious (believe me it can get very tedious) than reposting every few days is fine.
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Interesting,....I've been using the $2 bump feature but I guess I should save money and just repost daily.


Which makes me wonder.  How many items can you post in 1 day here?  Does it matter or is there a limit?

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Hi @Corgi there’s no limit on how many posts you list, I also re-list some of my items every day. I agree with @Jasmin14 you need to
re-list your items you get more people responding, otherwise you will just be relying on people doing searches for certain items.
most people don’t go through all the pages one at a time just a certain amount of pages,
before going back and start searching all over again.
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Hi @Hotrod and @Jasmin14Thank you SO much for answering!  Can I ask you both (or anyone who will answer) ONE more question?  What about things you have multiples of?  Most of the things I'm selling are used and kind of one of a kind.  BUT......I have a whole GROUP (about 11) of cowhides to sell.  Each is (obviously) different, but they're all the same price.  Someone can just pick out which one they want.  I can't figure out what the best way to do it would be.  List each one seperately.............OR ONE listing with them all??   

I already listed them as ONE listing but now you guys have me thinking maybe I should spread them out.  Like a different one every day at 4pm??

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@Corgi I would list them all separately because you said they have some differences. This way you get more audience for each item and the viewer doesnt get overwhelmed with so many different options.
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Hi @Corgi I agree with @Jasmin14 I would post them separately, also yes and list more frequently like your saying, if I don’t have more than 10 items I list them every day for free.
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How do you “re-post”? Do you create a totally new post with the same item? Or somehow repost the same old listing?
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You would need to create a new post with the same item and Info.

Of course, you would need to archive the old post first.

Although, doing this often will result in a bot flagging it as spam / duplicate and removing your item.

Perhaps even a temporary ban.

The pay bump exists to deter auto-flagging.
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Hello @JC1121

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I’m sure you posted this a long time ago and haven’t seen any of the replies to this besides the first statement reply of “I would post them separately”. I strongly and respectively disagree with that decision. This is the perfect opportunity to use marketing and business tactics on such a simplistic activity of selling things online. Here’s what I would do:

•~<{“Post all of the items together in one post, have photos of them individually, and a photo of them all together. From there, you can List Price at how much one would cost, which would be much cheaper and attract the eye of a buyer like the color yellow to the eye, if you catch my drift. With that, it’ll urge them to click on your post, and when they see your description, that is where they will discover that you can buy them solo, or in groups, or all of them. I’d suggest that you set price to cost of one, and any amount of them you sell that’s more than one to the same buyer, you just stack pricing (EX: 1=$5-2=$10-3=$15-Etc.). And finally, In the description, include your “willingness” to do an “all in one” bundle deal, to where if they buy all of them, they get it a bit cheaper then how much each would cost all together with the amount you are selling them individually.”}>~•

That was long but you probably already know it or someone probably already responded with this method, eh uh if is true, I’ve wasted my time hear 😂. All I’m saying is that that’s the best way to do it, in my opinion. Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

Thank You!