Always Repost!!

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Welcome to the community, @RyanA, and great first post!! I am a huge fan of bundling items!

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I think your doing it right by paying. It leaves less chance of being flagged.

Just promote your items. Its cheap and  its better than a bump.

Look at it this way, we're not talking $25-$50 or something I could see entertaining the thought of re-posting then but its only $10 for 7 whole days. I mean when you really stop and think, thats a 12 pack of beer or 1 pack a smokes. Then when that item sells you can move the promotion to another unsold  item.

Now this isnt to bash the people that responded before, I repect what you had to say.

This is just another opinion thats all.


The day of short cuts are over and the more this platform evolves, your gonna find, like eBay, the rules are gonna tighten up. So we might as well practice good habits now. 

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Well  with all due repect I disagree with you and with love, lol. Less is more. 


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Did you just argue with yourself? 😅
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No, that last reply was on pg.1 in response to       ( Corhi  ) .


He said he likes to post groups of items all together. You know, like they do or did on FB and then price everything in the discription. Well I disagreed. Thats what I meant by

" Less is more "....


The very 1st response reflected the title of the subject . (Always repost).

Well I disagree respectfully with that one also. Advertising is cheap as heck on here.  


And thats if you were talking to me goblin...

( but with all do repect ) .

Happy New year!



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Ah, I see.

If you would like to address somone in particular, adding an @ in front of their name helps tag them for future replies.


Happy New Years to you too 🎇🎉🎈