Am I being scammed?!?

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Or they just havent actually shipped it out. If they are communicating, albeit not so friendly, they will likely ship or have done so. Good luck. If they dont ship, others will.
A good message thread prior with a friendly tone and an offer to purchase now if they can ship asap will usually help you judge a sellers responsiveness prior to being charged.
I had informed him of my previous issue with the other seller of the same game. At first he was friendly and said whenever I was ready he was. So the next day I bought it which was last Saturday. He told me he was going to ship it on Monday morning. After that everytime I messaged him asking if he was able to drop it off he ignored me and he did view the messages to. I could tell by the symbol on the message that symbolizes viewed. Then I informed him yesterday that even though the shipping notification came up mid day that USPS was showing that it hadn't received the package yet. Then he freaked out on me telling me to stop messaging him. I only sent two messages. So I apologized if I bothered him and just asked if he was able to drop it off and that the tracking number had not updated that he dropped it off at all. He told me yes and that when USPS received it and scans it that it will send me a notification. So now it's been actually 48 hours after he supposedly sent it and there has been no update on the tracking number. So idk what to think. Does offer up send the shipping notification after the seller provides legitimate proof he sent it or does it send the shipping notification in the messages solely upon him "saying" he sent it?

@untilseptember9 wrote:
 Does offer up send the shipping notification after the seller provides legitimate proof he sent it or does it send the shipping notification in the messages solely upon him "saying" he sent it?

OfferUp receives the shipping/tracking status from USPS (if/when the tracking number is scanned at the various logistical phases). OU does not "take the seller's word" on the status of the logistical phases. In fact, once the shipping label is issued to the seller, there is only a 3 day window to ship (unless the seller requests an extension). Otherwise, the transaction gets automatically cancelled and you receive a refund.


Your $$$ is safe in an OU escrow account, nor does the seller immediately get paid after you receive the item.  If the seller is "jerking" you around and does not ship, you will get your money back from OU.

Yeah. Turns out that's what happened. Customer support looked into it and found out he there was no progress in shipping it even after the reminder and cancelled the sale. So now I have two pending refunds. Both over the same game. One was shipped to me broken then cancelled by the seller after he sent it. Now this refund for trying to repurchase the same game and getting lied to about sending it out. What a shame. Can't catch a break on this site apparently.


It's not the app. The app is used by sellers/buyers for it's ease of use and convenience. You seem to want things done "your way", which is your prerogative , but there are sellers that catch a "whiff" of what they consider as "attitude" and decide to renege on the shipping transaction, as the system is skewed to the buyer. Sellers want to use the app at their convenience as well.


I, for one, do not sell on OU because the shipping system is a hack job (not an understatement), even if it costs less than other apps.

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Out of curiosity...
which game were you trying to purchase, twice!
The first purchase I never even spoke to the guy. I don't know why he sent me a broken video game. The disc had a dent in it and sever surface scratches. Idk y he sent it to me then cancelled the offer lol. And the second purchase I asked him if he was able to make it to USPS the day he told me he was going. He didn't respond. Second time I messaged him was after shipping notification was received but two days after. The notification said it would update in up to 48 hours. So after 48 hours I asked politely what I should do and he freaked out on me. I honestly don't know what I did to make him upset. Likely it wasn't even me.
Red dead redemption 2 of course. The greatest game ever made. I'm just going to go to walart and buy it lol. I was trying to get a deal and just got trouble. Wal Mart sells it for $40 lol
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Okay... @untilseptember9
was going to send it to you, if we had it here Lol. Don't recall that game, so that is most likely a nay on having the "greatest game ever made" ... Lol--GLTU! Smiley Happy
That's very kind of you. Thank you. I'm going down to GameStop to pick it up tomorrow instead. I'm very excited. You should definitely get a copy. Well worth it. I haven't had a system in about 3 years. So I just got my Xbox one and I'll be able to finally play again. And the reviews on this game will blow your mind.