Am I being scammed?!?

I recently bought a video game. The seller accepted my offer and then I got a notification that it shipped. However it's been 72 hours and when I click on track item through the message where it says it shipped, USPS shows that the label was created and is waiting on the item to make it to their location. So he says he shipped it and the notification says he shipped it but USPS says they don't have it. What do I do? I'm worried he's trying some funny business. He also is very rude and doesn't answer my messages. When he does though he is very inconsiderate. I've had a similar problem where I bought the same game from another buyer and he shipped it to me yet it was broken and dented, and he cancelled the sale before it got to me. Which I'm still waiting on the refund from that. Which led me to buying a new copy from this current individual who is acting shady. Idk what to do or what to think. Any suggestions? Thank you everyone
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The offer up shipping system is definitely not perfect a lot of times the labels will lag 24 to 48 hours and I've seen them not update in the USPS system for up to 72 I've also had items show up at my door that said they weren't even shipped yet Because the sounds like an issue on the offer up shipping side and not something the sellers doing
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For the record, sellers have up to 5 days technically to ship. They are under no obligation to answer questions about tracking and shipping in 24 hours time. I communicate to buyers that the item will ship "tomorrow" or "Monday" if ordered over the weekend, but not every seller does nor is required. Pesky buyers are time wasters, if after a few days, it doesnt track, that is when you should inquire. If you want one hour or next day delivery, order from Amazon prime. Casual sellers may work and have a day when they ship out.
Sometimes usps tracking doesnt update for days, sometimes not at all until delivered.
I bought the game on Sunday. He said he shipped it Monday morning. It's now Wednesday and it's not showing any update. The other gentleman who replied first has great advice and I think he's right about it. You however replying and insinuating I'm a pesky buyer that should just use Amazon is pretty rude. My question was if this was a scam or if it was a shipping problem. Under no circumstance am I being impatient, I have had one previous bad encounter buying this same game and was genuinely worried about it since it has now been almost 72 hours after purchase with no information. So I think you should really think before speaking. Common sense dictates that if I wanted it shipped here in a day or two then use Amazon. I'm clearly aware of items purchased here taking a week or so. The question was clearly just a request of either previous common similarities or if it was a matter to be looked into. Now do me a favor and don't reply on my post again as someone who wants to be rude is not welcome in my conversations. Have a nice evening.
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This wasnt directed solely towards you and not intended to be rude, just blunt. You stated it was 24 hours with no tracking. Many people search and post the same questions repeatedly, this was just stating the process. It does not seem "shady" that a seller may be a little short or not answer subsequent messages when the scans are out of their control. That is what the message was meant to convey.
If you search the posts here, you will see the answer to your concerns posted in many threads.
Well then I apologise for taking it the wrong way. But also it has been 72 hours if you re read my post. That's what has me concerned. If it's USPS messing up then it's out of my control because their Customer service is horrendous. If it's a scam I am curious about my next step to resolve it. I tried to buy this same game a week and a half ago and the seller sent it to me and the disc was dented and scratched severely so it didn't work. That seller cancelled the payment two days before it got here too and it says I was refunded the money but even that is an issue because I haven't received my money back :/ so overall I'm concerned on when I'll get my refund as it's been 5 business days and I'm worried about this current order since it's the same game my previous purchase had problems with.
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Rest assured that a seller can not scam you this way if using offerup payment system. The seller doesnt even receive the money until a week or even a month after delivered. Offerup holds the payment. The refund takes 5-21 days to hit your card or bank (a few days wait, then processed, then paid, then bank timeframe to show)

They can just ignore and never ship as you have experienced, but not exactly a scam, just irresponsible seller.
So even if in the message it has a notification that says he shipped it, he won't get my money unless it's actually delivered?
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That is correct. And often times a month later. Shipping is useful but needs much improvement here.
The sellers often feel there is no incentive to ship items once they accept offer and have to find packaging, go to post office, and wait weeks for payment after buyer is using the item all throughout. It creates a cycle of frustration when the buyer is anxiously awaiting their items as well. It doesnt always go as planned, but a MAJORITY OF PURCHASES GO SMOOTHLY and everyone is happy.
So then I'm guessing it's USPS that is causing the issue then. The tracking number hasn't updated at all. Just stuck on "shipping label created, waiting on package to be delivered to USPS."