Am I the Criminal

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I am trying to be patient with your company OfferUp here is reasoning for my frustration First after Finally over a month fighting with OfferUp and being denied help in getting payment from customer “1st for not using label proving OfferUp then for not using label associated with Transaction Number of sale then after repeated attempts to show proof this was incorrect finally received payment from customer who refused to pay “after all that still charged me 9.9% +% for faster payment “ (Great got payment moving on) Now I just sold an item and your telling me it’s under 48 hr review by Fraud Department then tells me to ship by 18th but I can’t access shipping label tells me its FORBIDDEN “error code 5gg413v4 So is this how you treat Good Honest customers who report non paying customers like they are the criminals thankfully I was able to contact customer in beginning to inform him of shipping possibly being delayed due to 48hr Review to now your blocking my account access to shipping label and any contact with customer (Wtf) in my opinion this is ridiculous in every way possible not to mention that once I received payment it was immediately canceled told me problem was with bank and no deposit of any kind or amount was reported by my bank I’m think I’m being extremely patient with OfferUp and The hoops I must jump to make contact with you only to find in the end more problems more hoops to jump and I’m left being treated and feeling like I did something wrong when I did the correct thing and reported the crime and then to add insult to injury I’m getting charged money for your mistakes


Perhaps you should move on to some other app. The app has over 40 million users, so even IF 1% of users (40,000 people) screw up the shipping process, OfferUp would not be able to provide the "hand holding" support that is required to remedy the problem(s). The company has less than 300 employees and wonder how many of them are a part of shipping support? Probably less than 70 CSR's.


The shipping process does need a overhaul, since there are more than a few loopholes that scammers can easily manipulate by creating multiple accounts. This is why so many people have complained about the "pending review" process/wait, since OfferUp is attempting the check the legitimacy of these transactions via shipping.

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First I'll let that hint arrogance you started with slide for the moment "call it a pass", now perhaps this is because you don't have all the facts regarding this matter thus the holier than thou tone in your reply to my post and my take on the read is you are somewhat informed well-educated person and my intentions are not meant to disrespect you or anyone else only that in our conversations we are equals now with that said let's start with offer up has 40 million users and 1% of them (me) including 39.999 other's who screw up on shipping and in your words "need handholding" and company only has 300 employees and of number only 70 work in shipping and yes i agree with you as all new companies do and that's encounter growing pain's ( that's area's that need addressing ) as company grows. Now here are the fact's, now keep in mind I know everyone makes mistakes a were not perfect ( Fact #1) I didn't make any mistakes on shipping item i i followed step by step as i always do "as my customer's feedback shows" it was after I gave package with shipping label provided to me by offer up to postal worker that i made contact with customer informing him package was on its way then about 40 minutes later I was notified order had been canceled after asking what happened he resent the offer again under condition that i goto post office to check status of package where I find package has already left and was en route to customer where I then got receipt as proof item was shipped then made contact with support notifying them of situation where i gave them all information in regards to saletheir response was they couldnt help me because i purchased and used shipping label from outside offer up after couple emails finaly convincing them i dint purchas/use shipping label from outside offer up they tracking number used doesnt match transaction number on sales reciept so I quickly corrected mistake (gave them correct receipt ) and noted to support of mistake on them using wrong sales reciept with copies of correct sale's reciept with matching transaction number and tracking number used in sale of item then after continued efforts via e-mail they say tracking number i used to ship item that i provided them for transaction number was never used and that they closed this matter ( This is absolutely Incompitence on Offerups Part ) This letter states tracking number used to ship item (Show on Post Office shipping Reciept) matching transaction Number was never used "Are you kidding me" SEE ATTACHMENTS this was ultimately why they changed mind and released payment (FACT #2) Then I open notifaction of payment sent and it tells me its I succesfuly canceld transaction "again are you kidding me why would i cancel after all the BS I just went through the last month to get it "they said it was my bank and my bank shows no attemt of anykind Finaly payments recieved GREAT moving on (even know after all that they still charge 9.9% , got the money just be happy (FACT #3) Same day I Received payment I get another sale only now its under 48hr review by the Fraud Department are you kidding me I'm the one who reported the Fraud now I'm under investigation for fraud so I contact buyer and let him know about possible delay in shipping due to 48hr review he says no problem (FACT#4) next day I goto print label and I'm blocked "forbidden" access to anything concerning this sale (FACT#5) I email a letter stateing everything I just explaind to you of how feel and Surprise sale is allowed .So in closing this conversation next time you replay to someone's post take off your “Trump for President Cap off” you know the “Making America Great Again” yes that one then before you jump into belittling that person or Acting like your better then someone please have all the facts in hand i'm sure if shoe was on the other foot you would appreciate it now offer up services I do like and enjoy very much using and for now continue to use as long as they dont try to hold my hand and the address/correct the issue's that arise during this time as the buisness grows .
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I wouldn't sell anythung that has to be shipped. Much easier that way.