Amazing UPS Delivered next Day!

Level 9
I shipped a package on a Monday on the East Coast and very large package weighing 19.4 lbs got to PA next day. So the good is if your not shipping too far from you it could get shipped next day and low cost. However I shipped to West Coast UPS and it got there in 5 days ground shipping. Either way customers were happy that the large items were low cost for shipping.
Level 1
How much did it cost to ship being it was a big package?
Level 9
@SICKMADEART The cost was only $13.00 for any package up to 20lbs and next day since it was close ( Mind you very slow to get to West Coast 5- days)! What I will say is that it used to be $40 cost. So what I did was took out many small items that were under $20 since there is that fee of $1.99 instead of 10% and pushed to sell all my large 20 lb items that cost 10% fee with less shipping cost. I ended up selling snow shoes in a TV size box weighing 10 lb and a Kirby vacume cleaner at 19.4 lbs. The post office usually charges a premium for size of box and weight. Typically $60 to $100+ for oversized and long distance. I'm pushing large items before Offer Up decides to change things again.
Level 9
Customers were Super Happy that the cost of item and shipping was at a low cost! Win, win for everyone...