America why can't I sale my guns here ? Ridiculous.

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If it's a legal item I should be able to use this platform. You say nothing harmful. Cars **bleep** people not that guns as well as all the tools and equipment. What a cop out. I won't use this site anymore.
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Let's not turn this into an argument or political debate please.

This type of restriction is mostly done for liability.

OfferUp is not unique in this regard. Other general selling platforms, including Craigslist, ban them.

There are legit retailers were you can sell them, so I honestly don't see the issue.

You have plenty of options to sell them elsewhere and get a decent price.
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Just find your local gun show like anyone else. Their site= their rules.
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You are right sir. That is why I will make sure no one I know will use this site for any reason. Thank you.
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So you would rather have a family friendly app that is open to 13 year olds and up, to have the ability to buy a 2nd hand gun with no checks or permits? None of the buy/sell apps allow guns, @kstriegel


OfferUp is available to anyone 13 or older. As we can't verify age or people purchasing items like guns, we don't allow them.


Also, just think of the liabilities that could happen if guns were allowed to be sold on recommerce sites, aside from just age restrictions... I sure as heck hope that all gun owners or people interested in purchasing a gun are smart enough to ensure they know where the gun came from, and that it is from a trusted source. You never know what someone might have done with a gun that they then try to resell on the internet...

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Sure like I said I'll refrain from using this site and make sure anyone I know doesent use it either. Opinions!!!
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Oh and by the way. Having a website that minor can get on and meet up with perfect strangers to sale this is ok, but god forbid I sale a tool on here.
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  You really don't get it, do you?

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Ok sure thing.