Announcing OfferUp Early Access


Hello Community Members!

Since opening up the community forums earlier this year we've received a staggering amount of wonderful feedback for how to improve OfferUp. While we normally keep our features top secret until we're ready to release them, we wanted to show you our thanks by allowing community members to join our new OfferUp Early Access program.


Early Access members will be sent a new version of the application every week that contains features not yet released to the public!


If this is something that interests you, please fill out the Google form here and join the waitlist!

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Yes you won’t be disappointed!,
Thanks again @Elin for offering such a younique opportunity for OfferUp members 👍
New Member
This sounds cool. I clicked on the link and it said that I need permission.
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Hi @TheFlamingoGirl welcome to the OfferUp Community forum 😊
@jd41 @TheFlamingoGirl @VMAN I’m sure @Elin will get back to you on this soon hang in there. 👍
Level 6
Thanks @Elin sounds great. I clicked on the link and it said I need permission.
Level 3
Hello, I would love to be part of the early access beta testing. I did click on the link and it took me to a need permissions page as well.

Thank you

@TheFlamingoGirl Just fixed. Please try again! Smiley Happy


@jd41 Go ahead and try again. Smiley Happy


@VMAN Just fixed it! Try it again Smiley Happy

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Ok @Elin I just checked and the page is working now.👍 I’m going back testing 😎👍