Anyone else having problems with printing shipping labels?

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Made a shipping sale and no print label email or option to print from my app. I have contacted offerup but they continually refer me back to the same article in the faqs that tell you to make sure your email is correct which is funny because I would not get there response if it was incorrect, checked spam (nothing), check in app for label printing option (no where to be found, even sent screenshots) and updated the app to make sure I had the latest version. The last step is to contact customer service but they continue to repeat these steps so feels like ground hog day. I repeatedly ask them to just resend the email but crickets.

Anyone else’s have this issue and know how to fix it?
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Have you tried  this  link for support? If you already have, you can try asking help from one of the forum mods  @Mj_206 or @Elin on Monday or just PM either of them.

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Hi, I'm having the same problem.  Were you able to get this resolved?

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In the messaging thread it should say "offer accepted, time to ship" with view receipt and view label tabs. Do you have nothing there?
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I did select "time to ship" but received a try again later msg. when I tried to submit my address. I went to the The chat to try it again, but the "time to ship" option was gone. Only "view receipt" is shown. Sorry if this shows up as a duplicate reply
@ropacat are you printing it from the email notification you received to print the label?
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@ropacat Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

ropacat Did you try these steps

Problems with shipping labels
Didn't get the label
To ship an item to a buyer, you'll need to use the label we send you by email or in the app.
In the app, go to your chat about that item, then tap View label to get a PDF of the shipping label.

In email, look for email from If you don’t see it, check these potential problems.
Check your Junk or Spam folders
1. Check your email's Junk or Spam folder for emails from OfferUp, and move those messages to your Inbox.
2. Add OfferUp to your list of safe senders so you won't have this problem again.
Check that we have the correct email address
1. Sign in to the OfferUp app, and go to

2. Account
3. If your email isn't correct, tap Edit on the line with the incorrect address and enter the correct email address
4. Resend the shipping label to yourself
Can't open the label, or Plugin Blocked
You'll need a way to print the label, and a computer that can open the label as a PDF. For free software that will open PDFs, try Adobe Reader.

if you’re still having issues after trying these steps I would recommend contacting customer care through Twitter at OfferUp, or from the customer care link below, 😎🇬🇧🔚

OfferUp Customer care
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I never got to that point. I didn't complete the create shipping label process because the app crashed.
the email should say no reply at email . Offerup here's your shipping label. There's a area that says print label or view label. When that comes up you can print. Its automaticly sent by email outside the Offerup system so it shouldn't crash becauae it doesn't link back to offerup
You don't create the label Offerup does it for you and emails you the label