Anyone else missing offers? Due to messages not showing.

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Wonder if anyone else has this issue.

Have an item up and have four offers, but it only shows two.

I can see their bubble avatar, but I don't have a message chain for them.

Perhaps a new feature broke something.

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I also posted an item yesterday and received a message from a potential buyer to day. I replied to the buyer. Now the item does not show up on my offers at all but it does show up in the search. Why isn't it showing up in my offers?
Under my profile. My new post are not showing up. I posted a chest & it’s not showing up under my profile. I posted another offer today & it’s not showing up. This is frustrating
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Got the same error today... can’t seem to find an answer though.
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That is frustrating just starting out too. What error code are you seeing?
@goblin is usually the solver of techie issues. Yours may be a totally different issue...
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I don’t get any errors. I posted an item, and within a few hours saw an icon like when somebody sends a message listed but no notification or anything. It’s still there it’s a “J” icon, but i checked online, restarted the app, and logged out but still can’t see it.
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Know the only time I have seen a letter bubble in the messages, is when the user has no pic & it is the first letter in their username.
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A couple of us came to the conclusion that it is one of three things.

It was either a previously blocked account, disabled account or the spam filter preemptively flagging something the user sent.

All three seem plausible.

I have not had a chance to test the theory but I will update when I get around to it.


@CG74 your account is most likely being ghosted, ask support to find out why.
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I was thinking the same thing, but I’ve only blocked one maybe two people. But it wouldn’t make sense for it to be them, as I would assume they wouldn’t see my post in the first place. Might be spam being filtered like you said but who knows...
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Blocked users would of been my next guess... Thanks @goblin
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How and why is account being ghosted? Ghosting is from one user not responding. My account hasn't had sound notifications in 3 months and sales are down. If there is a way to ghost I surely would be appreciative of that knowledge