Anyone else refuse to ship?

Level 5
Too many weirdo scammers and nonsense that comes with shipping. I always meet in public during the day and cash only.
Level 9
If I want to ship, I'll use Ebay. I won't do anything on this site that requires me to give Offerup any of my financial account info.
Community Helper
I have been following Shipping and all the issues surrounding it, since conception--wanting to broaden my selling options... I will be trying OU's Shipping option for the first time this Holiday Season. Of course, with eyes "wide open", knowing from previous member posts, the number of possible pitfalls--if not informed and diligent with each transaction. Also, being fully aware of the time constraints with $$ deposits, due to verifying for the possibility of stolen items, counterfeits, legit accounts, or what have you. To each his own... Smiley Wink
It's better to meet in person chances of them not paying or item gets damaged not willing to take that flight. Cash cash only they still try to talk an item down trust there's more people out there who want the item just try the next one