Are drones an invasion of our privatcy

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Are drones an invasion of our privatcy .when there flying over your home with a camera
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Matter of opinion I guess... I would say "YES"... 

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Short answer is, they can be.

Longer answer and things to consider.

The law is lenient in regards to this new technology.

For example, shooting a drone is not advisable as it can potentially make you liable.

As long as their home is in view of the drone and the operator is close by (visual line of sight) there is nothing that you can do.

Look up aviation law restrictions of unmanned devices aka FAA on UAVs — they need to comply with these regulations, but know that they are lax.

Tracking it back to it's owner can also be a task if they don't come forward to claim it if it falls on your property — sure then you could argue it may have hurt you.

I'd say I'm personally against them anywhere near my home... but then again, I'm not that interesting of a person.

You want to see me water my yard for two hours, go ahead.

Given that the drone has to be near the operator, it's safe to assume you're neighbor is the weirdo — not some crook hoping to find a flaw in your home security.
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If they are recording observing or usimg audio if just flying id say would be annoying
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Most drones out there as of today have a low megapixel camera and no mic attached. With that being said whoever thinks that a drone flying over your house is spying on you there is more than a good chance that it is not doing so and the pilot is just flying to get some more practice in the air... 

I am beyond tired of the masses thinking that you are being spied on... guess  what you are not that interesting to us!!! also we are very close by... just look around you can easily find us... we are not aloud to fly over crowds of people, parks, schools and etc etc etc... so if you all think that it is an invasion of your privacy it is not unless it is hovering outside you bathroom window...very unlikely since the battery life on all drones just sucks... now stop freaking out and just leave us be...  

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The funny thing is we are all being filmed every day because cameras are everywhere... The roads, businesses etc.. And no one seems to freak out about that... But then you try and excersize your first amendment right to film in public and suddenly everyone has an issue. Lmao🤣😭
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Yes, they most certainly can be an invasion of privacy. Some states are starting to address drones and the subject of invasion of privacy. Go look up your state's laws in regards to this. One should have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their backyards and homes, especially if you have a fence and/or mature trees on the property. If your state does not have any drone laws than you need to contact your representative in regards to it.
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If it can be seen from public space then too bad tho... You can't trespass the eyes.