Bad deal and experience with a seller

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This is my first time purchasing from Offer Up and it has been a TERRIBLE experience. This seller sold me damaged furniture and then blamed me for the damage. I have reached out to her to give her the opportunity to make it right and she refuses. I purchased an “antique” dining set that she claims was recently reupholstered. I had a friend meet me there to pick it up so I didn’t carefully inspect everything I trusted that it was in the condition she said it would be. Once I got home and went through inspecting it one of the cushions was completely off and tape was holding the fabric to the chair The table and chairs have a lot of damage and she stated she had just painted everything. She then proceeded to accuse me of damaging the product when transporting it. I offered to show her pictures so she could see that there is no way I could’ve done that. I i’m not able to make a claim with OfferUp because I didn’t purchase it through the app. I had placed a hold on it with my credit card and I had every intention of paying for it that way but then she, the seller, Kayle, told me she only takes cash that she has never done it that way. So I canceled the hold on the card and went and got her cash. She is still refusing to help me and I don’t know what to do. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum @MJ49!
Just read your post... so sorry this was your first experience using OfferUp.
Per the OfferUp TOS, OU is unable to assist as a third-party in any meet-ups.
The due diligence needed to inspect the item is the buyers total responsibility.
Would personally chalk this up as an ecommerce hard lesson.
Future success to you Smiley Happy