Badges and ranks

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Hi @Carnescloset, Welcome to OfferUp Community Forum, I'm glad you joining in our conversation in OC Forums. Would you like to share your ideas with OC Forum? Be sure to using tag# in front of the username to get swift respond like, I did above. Also you can click into green username like mine @StevenY and send them a question. Are you buying/selling on OfferUp app? Check out latest post in OC to prepare you better at buying/selling on OU's.
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Hi @Elin and @Mj_206, How did We earn Founding Member badge? 200 by date? I saw it in my badges rated since everyone had talks about it in the threads. Thank you.
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Those were our first 200 people who joined the community forums and helped us grow it Smiley Happy 

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Wow, What a great honor to be apart OfferUp 200 members Founding member of Community Forum. Thank you @Elin great info. Now I know, I'll share it with OC Forums.
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I agree... I don't have as much time to be on as would like but it makes it nice that you can go on at any time so that does help, Badges and ranks makes it friendly competition but also encourages communication between us all
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Ok, thanks for the info👍

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Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it!!
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We have this guide to help, @MsLS!

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Great info thanks
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@Mj_206 what do you think about some new cool badges? also it would be really cool, if we could pick one badge from all the badges we have and pin it next usernames, maybe even showing on the selling app as well. your thoughts 💭